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Registered Voter & Household Detail

The Voter Detail page displays the details of every matching voter in a given household. It displays Political Information, Years Registered, our unique Voter Index and Voter Power Ratings, and district information for Congressional, House, Senate, City Council and School Board.

In, Daniel
42101-102510996  6/25/2009A
Voting Profile
Voting Performance
Index Analysis
Voting Frequency Index 50
Voter Power Rating (VPR) 168
Last 3 Years 5 of  3 Elections
Previous 4 Years 12 of  7 elections
Registration Information
6225 MERSHON ST 19149
30  U  
Phone(s) Email(s)
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Other Voters at the same address
Castro, Maria 48 11/24/1998I
precinctDistrict DescriptionDistrict
6222-1State Representative173
6222-1State Senate2
6222-1 CG13
6222-1 CPD
6222-1 CPR
6222-1 CTC06
6222-1 LG173
6222-1 MN01
6222-1 RCD13
6222-1 SN02
6222-1 WD62
Voter History
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Data pager
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Precinct Analysis
Precinct 6222-1 Age 18-30 13
FIPS** 42101 Age 31-45 418
Voters 1220 Age 46-64 402
Phones Age 65+ 387
Male 324 Average Index 11
Female 390 Average Power Rating 34
Democrats 719 Absentee Voters
Republicans 141 Early Voters
Other Party 51 General Voters 443
Black 0 Pres Primary Voters 0
White 0 Primary Voters 323
Hispanic 0 Municipal Voters 114
Other Race 0

  • Legend - Expand for field descriptions.
    • Performance Indexes
      HCount - Number of time the voter has voted
      HIndex - History Index
      (The number of time voted) / (the number of years registered)
      VPR - Voter Power Rating
      The Voter Power Rating is the result of a complex formula weighing recent performance over past performance. The VPR is expressed as a number between 0 - 100.
      Voter Information Codes
      GeoId10 - This is census Location Code identifying state, county, census tract and block.
      Personal Information - Race, gender, age and Birthdate
      Political Information - County code, voter registration number, voter status, precinct, registration date, registration party
      cg - Congressional District
      hs - State Representative District
      sn - State Senate District
      cc - County Commission District
      sb - School Board District
      Election Type
      GEN - General Election (Usually in November)
      PRI - Primary Election (Usually in August/September)
      PPP - Presidential Preference Election (Date is set by State Legislature)
      OTH - Municipal && special elections.
      Voter History Codes
      A - Voted Absentee
      B - Absentee Ballot NOT Counted
      E - Voted Early
      N - Did Not Vote
      P - Provisional Ballot Not Counted
      Y - Voted at Polls

  • About our Data
    • Our enhanced Universal Voter Database (UVDB) contains tens of millions of voter registration and history records from the public records. We enhance our database with geo-coding, census information, calculated profile and performance scores and data normalization with verification as well as additional proprietary information which increase our system performance and data value.

      Your Privacy: Your voter registration information is a public record which ensures that everyone can rely on election results. It is important that everyone can verify their own registration information and everyone else's for all the obvious reasons. In the 2000 presidential elections, disputes as to who was eligible to vote and who actually voted changed who became president. Litigation ensued that codified the public's right to have this information as an important check on the government's conduct in elections. You cannot remove this information unless you are exempt under the law; e.g. you are a police officer, judge or someone whose address disclosure could put them in harm's way. Exempt individuals can only suppress their address information - not their name or other voting history data. To suppress your information, please contact your local supervisor of elections office.

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