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Online Information Suppression

  1. To suppress you online information search for your online record using the Voter Search functions found on most pages. On your voter record page, click the link at the bottome of the location map "Note: If you are [your name]  and you want to suppress your address and registration information (the information in this box) please click here". You will be taken to the name suppression page where you will find full instructions and a Goggle Checkout link to complete your request.

  2. Your voter registration is a public record, we cannot change that. In some states, if you are a police officer, Judge or entitled to have your address information suppressed by statute - you can contact your local supervisor of elections and have your information suppressed for no cost in the state's official records.  If your information is suppressed in the states official records - it is automatically suppressed in our system.

  3. There are very good reasons why your voter registration information is public.  Voter records are a public record and available to anyone by law.– we do not and cannot affect this availability. The law exists to ensure everyone’s right to vote. Allowing someone to confirm their registration, and their voting history is a significant public purpose. Further, since representative democracies and elections are essentially location based – that is they are based on political districts & precinct locations – a person’s home address is central to the public purpose of making the voting rolls public.   In 2000, the presidential election was decided by 537 votes in Florida where many votes were contested in an extended recount process.  The ability for one voter, any voter to check on the validity of any voter's registration was central to that recount process.  Since that time, the public nature of the voter registration information and voting history has been repeatedly confirmed by statute and case law.

  4. Because we are not a governmental agency, we can suppress your personally identifiable registration information online, but we charge a nominal fee for that service.  We charge a nominal one time flat fee of $2.00 to suppress your information on our web site. This fee serves to both confirm your identity through a credit card charge (we use Google Checkout and do not retain or even see your credit card information), and to help defray our costs incurred for this service.

  5. Is your registration information deleted when we suppress it?  No -- Your registration information, including age, birthdate, race, gender, and address is suppressed. In addition - other household voters are also suppressed. If someone in your household whose information is not suppressed - is selected, your name will not appear as a voter in the household. Your information can still be used to select voter lists, which are available for purchase according to our policies and state laws.   Your name, precinct, voter profile, voter indexes and company links will still be visible even after you suppress your registration information.

  6. We regularly update our data files, and even though  your registration information will likely be a part of the official records, we will continue to suppress your registration information. If you suppress your registration information, and you move to another state - your new state registration will not automatically be suppressed. You will need to contact us with your new information and your old information so we can properly suppress your new registration at no charge.

  7. After Google Checkout confirms your payment and identity to us, we will suppress your address, age, birthdate, gender, race and location (longitude, latitude and census GEOID10) information from being displayed or searched on our site. You will receive a confirmation email from us after your information has been successfully suppressed.  Please be sure to check the information at Google checkout to ensure we suppress you and not someone else.  The number on the right and inside the brackets should be your voter registration number issued by your state.

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