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Our EmTrack(tm) email database contains more than 220 million email addresses and we track over 89 million emails with deployment history. In addiiton, we have more then 182 million emails complete with "Opt In" information. While the combined database is primarily used for targeted political messaging, researchers have used the data to track the growth of spam and methods to stop or reduce unwanted email.

By entering an email in our search box and pressing [RETURN] or clicking the spyglass search button, you can check any emai. If we do not have the email in our database, you can manually validate it by clicking the [Validate] button.

We do not retain, or keep any email addresses in this lookup process. Frankly, we have too many email addresses already and by entering a test email address you are not "opting In". Contact Us if you have lists of email addresses you need to clean. Our servers can do the job for you for as little as 50 cents per thousand email addresses and provide you with a full report.
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emTrack(tm) Manual Email Validation

Manually check an email address from a suspect email you receive in your inbox or validate any email address.
Press "Validate" to perform Email Validation
Manual Validation Results

  • BasicSyntax Perform an RFC 821 Syntax Check  
  • BlackList Perform blank listing against email addresses  
  • DisallowCurseWords Ensure there are no curse words in the email address  
  • DisallowDisposableEmail Do not allow disposable emails such as  
  • DisallowFreeEmail Do not allow free emails such as and  
  • FailOnBlock Fail when the mail server is blocking us using anti-spam software  
  • FailOnQuotaExceeded Fail when the quota for the email box is exceeded  
  • FailOnUnresponsive Fail when the mail server is unresponsive  
  • FakeEmailPatternMatcher Powerful fake email pattern checking  
  • KnownDomainEnding Check that the TLD (Top Level Domain) is valid  
  • MailboxExists Ensure the user has a valid mailbox on the system  
  • MailServerExists Ensure the mail server exists  
  • NotBlank Ensure the email is not blank PublicWebsite Ensure the domain has a corresponding public website  
  • SmtpConnect Connect to the mail server  
  • TypoChecking Ensure common domains such as hotmail, gmail, etc do not have typos  
  • WhiteList Perform white listing against email addresses  

Voter Or Email Search
  • New Search Method
    • You can now search on first name/ last name as before or add partial address like street number, partial street name and partial zip code... For example to find "John Smith, 123 Magnolia Street, Philadelphia" search "Joh Smi 123 mag phi" PLUS- you can search our extensive email database by using an email address.
(On some browsers just key [Enter])

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